About Tom


Tom Letson grew up in Champion Township. Thanks in large part to his father’s position as the company attorney for the town steel mill, Tom was groomed from an early age for a career as an attorney, but he didn’t take the typical path to get there. The influence of both of his grandfathers, who worked as tradesmen, inspired him to take time off from college to participate in a machinist apprenticeship. When he was laid off from the steel mill, he returned to Kent State University to finish his Bachelor’s degree in psychology and was accepted to pursue a law degree at the University of Akron.

Tom has now practiced law for over 25 years, which includes time both as an acting judge on the Warren Municipal Court and as an assistant city prosecutor in Newton Falls. He continued to use his varied skills and experience to give back to his community as well. Tom sat on the Warren City Board of Health and served as a workers’ compensation representative for the United Steelworkers. Additionally, he trained as an EMT to supplement his skills while serving as a member of the National Ski Patrol, a service he performed for over 10 years. His unique background and skill set, combined with his passion for public service, took him to the Ohio House of Representatives in 2007, where he continued to gain experience serving his community.

As a state representative, Tom introduced and sponsored countless bills, many of which involved reaching across the aisle to collaborate with Republicans. Known for his commitment to the greater cause, Tom is willing to step back and let others take credit for the work so long as the end goal is achieved. It is this type of selfless service that propelled him to leadership positions in a number of committees, including the position of Chairman, and later a ranking member of the Ohio House Ways and Means Committee.

Although Tom Letson has worn many different hats throughout his lifetime, the one thing that has remained constant through it all has been his commitment to serving others before himself.